Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Website for Agoraphobia Help

Need help with agoraphobia? If you haven't already, I would like to invite you to visit my new website for help with agoraphobia.

This new website features:

Free "Keys to Freedom" 7-Part Video Series in which I talk about the most powerful self-help techniques for recovering from agoraphobia.

Check out the new website and sign up for the free videos today! I care about your recovery from agoraphobia.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Beat Agoraphobia with Your Eyes Closed

Have you noticed that people who have agoraphobia often have
powerful imaginations?

That's probably because it takes an extraordinary imagination to
create mental pictures that are vivid and fearful enough to
trigger panic attacks. Those of us who have panic attacks can
become quite good at scaring ourselves with what we see in our

When I had agoraphobia, I could bring on a panic attack just by
picturing myself in a classroom. I would imagine the doors and
windows of the classroom locking, and the air leaving the room.
Just imagining this left me feeling trapped, panicked, and
gasping for breath.

There is a positive side to having an imagination powerful enough
to trigger panic - its power can be harnessed and used as a tool
for recovery.

Your imagination has a major effect on your emotions because
visual images are housed on the right side of the brain. Brain
researchers say the right brain doesn't distinguish between real
and imagined experiences. For better or for worse, what you see
in your mind's eye is recorded in your brain as if it actually

This means that by simply closing your eyes and picturing
yourself successfully overcoming your fears, you can program your
mind and body to do so in actual life.

By practicing positive visualization, you can put the power of
your imagination to work for you and literally beat agoraphobia
with your eyes closed - or at least make tremendous progress
toward recovery.