Thursday, July 27, 2006

Agoraphobia Recovery Tip: Sharing Your Feelings with a Friend

Many people with anxiety disorders like agoraphobia have a tendency to bottle up their emotions. Expressing your true feelings to a caring friend can bring short-term relief from anxiety.

Also, agoraphobia can leave you feeling lonely, and loneliness only increases anxiety. There is research to suggest that social support helps people reduce their anxiety levels. When you are feeling anxious, one of the best things you can do is to reach out and connect with a close friend or family member. Share what is bothering you. Share your anger, frustrations, worries and doubts.

Most of us assume that no one would want to listen to our feelings, but I am not suggesting that you talk someone's ear off with lots of whining or complaining. I am just suggesting that you let someone know what is really going on with you, then find out what is really going on with them.

Making an emotional connection with another human being is probably one of the most healthy responses to anxiety. It gives you an outlet for your emotions so they will not build up and cause more anxiety later. Plus, it helps you to focus outside of yourself and your circumstances as you listen to the other person.

Most of us turn to something when we feel anxious. Some people turn to destructive things like drugs, alcohol, or overeating. Next time you are feeling anxious, turn to a person. While this is not a long-term cure for agoraphobia, see if talking to someone and letting your feelings out doesn't relieve some anxiety in the meantime.


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